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Turnaround statistics for submissions (September 2021 - February 2022):

Decisions taken
Mean decision time on new submissions
53 days
Mean decision time on a first round submission that ends in resubmission decision
141 days
Decisions > 7 months (210 days)

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``Airlines dynamically price and screen passengers, which generates 77% of first-best welfare. The difference is due mostly to passengers' private valuations, not stochastic demand.''

From @aryal_ga, @charliemurry and @J2dubyas:

2023 REStud tour plan and names of the tourists are out. Check it out in the REStud website.

We are going to post summaries of their research in the coming days. Stay tuned!

If you're a graduate student or early career researcher in Economics, based in Ukraine (now or before 24th Feb), you can apply for financial aid offered by
@RevEconStudies, @kse_ua & @UglobalU for your visit or research. Rolling basis.

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Recently published in REStud, ``Using Disasters to Estimate the Impact of Uncertainty'', from Baker, Bloom, and Terry:

Recently accepted to REStud, ``Energy Efficiency and Directed Technical Change: Implications for Climate Change Mitigation", by Gregory Casey.

``We show how immigration quotas reduced infectious mortality in the early 20thC US. The crowded and unfavorable conditions immigrants endured explains the majority of the effect.''

From Ager, @jamesfeigenbaum, Hansen and Tan:

Recently accepted by REStud, ``Misspecified Moment Inequality Models: Inference and Diagnostics", by Andrews and Kwon:

Recently accepted to REStud, ``Monetary Policy and Birth Rates: The Effect of Mortgage Rate Pass-through on Fertility", from Cumming and Dettling:

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