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Turnaround statistics for submissions (September 2021 - February 2022):

Decisions taken
Mean decision time on new submissions
53 days
Mean decision time on a first round submission that ends in resubmission decision
141 days
Decisions > 7 months (210 days)

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Recently published in REStud, ``Exploiting Growth Opportunities: The Role of Internal Labor Markets'', from Cestone, Fumagalli, Kramarz and Pica:

``Can indirect taxes help reduce inequality in developing countries?
Accounting for the informal sector makes consumption taxes progressive, but widespread tax exemptions on necessity goods (food) regressive.''

From @pierrebachas, @LucieGadenne & Jensen:

Recently published in REStud, ``Fixed Effects and the Generalized Mundlak Estimator'',

From @ArkhangelskyD and @guido_imbens:

Recently published in REStud, ``Evaluating the accuracy of counterfactuals: Heterogeneous survival expectations in a life cycle model'', from De Bresser @Netspar @TilburgU:

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