Submission Guidelines

The Review of Economic Studies receives more than a thousand new submissions per year. To assist the Editorial Office in prompt processing of this high volume of papers authors are requested to follow these guidelines.

Submissions and Resubmissions

Submission procedure

Authors should submit new and revised manuscripts online at:

where they will be guided through a simple and secure procedure which will enable them to unload their papers, along with any supporting material, and also enter or update their personal details. Manuscripts are evaluated by the Review of Economic Studies on the understanding that they have been submitted solely to it and that they have not been previously published or previously accepted for publication in other scientific journals either in whole or in part.

Data Availability Policy

Please read this section carefully as we are unable to enter submissions which do not comply with our policy on data into the editorial process.

The Review of Economic Studies will publish papers only if the data used in the analysis are clearly and precisely documented and are readily available to any researcher for purposes of replication. Authors of accepted papers which contain empirical work, simulations, or experimental work, must provide to the Review, prior to publication, the data, programs, and other details of the computations sufficient to permit replication. These will be posted alongside the article at Oxford Journals Review Archive. We reserve the right to refuse publication of papers whose authors do not comply with these requirements.

As a matter of principle, we discourage papers that rely on completely proprietary data. Authors who feel that they can raise an exception should discuss this with the Editors. On the other hand, we will consider papers that are based on data that can only be available at some cost (either monetary or because access to the data is limited, e.g. to some Research Data Center). In that case, the authors must still provide all programs and instructions a researcher would require to replicate their paper once (s)he has access to the data.

As soon as possible after receiving instructions from the Review office, authors are expected to send their data, programs, and sufficient details to permit replication, in electronic form. Please send the files via e-mail to Annika Andreasson (, indicating the manuscript number. Questions regarding any aspect of this policy should be forwarded to the Editors at the same email address.

Empirical papers:

For econometric and simulation papers, the authors should provide at least:

  • The data set(s) and programs used to run the final models. The data files can be provided in any standard format; the programs can be written in any standard programming language (including higher-level languages).
  • A description of how previous intermediate data sets and programs were employed to create the final data set(s).
  • A description of the purpose of each data set and program.

Both description files should be provided in PDF format.

Experimental papers:

We normally expect authors of experimental articles to supply the following materials:

  • The design summary of the experiment.
  • The original instructions given to the subjects.
  • Information about subject eligibility or selection.
  • Any computer programs, configuration files or scripts used to run the experiment and/or to analyse the data.
  • The raw data from the experiment, with sufficient explanation to make it possible to use the submitted computer programs to replicate the data analysis.

On each of these five points, a summary should be given in the manuscript of the paper and a complete version should be provided before publication for posting on the Review web site.

Again, any description should be provided in a PDF format file


There are no fees for submission of manuscripts to the Review.


Please note that the editorial team reserves the right to treat ‘revise and resubmit’ papers as new submissions after two years.

Papers newly accepted for publication

The next step…

Annika Andreasson at the Editorial Office (  will contact authors as soon as possible after receiving their final acceptance decision for instructions on how to send files for publication purposes and any other data necessary to support their paper.

Data availability

Please make sure that you have read our policy on data availability (above). Failure to comply with its terms could delay or even prevent publication of your paper.

Copyright Assignment

Authors will be required to assign copyright in their paper to the Review of Economic Studies Limited. Copyright assignment is a condition of publication and papers will not be passed to the publisher for production unless copyright has been assigned. Government employees need to complete the Author Warranty sections, although copyright in such cases does not need to be assigned.

If you have any questions relating to these guidelines please contact Annika Andreasson (

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