May Meetings

The Review of Economic Studies May Meetings

The Review of Economic Studies May Meetings have been held annually in May since 1989. Every year, in line with the Review’s tradition of encouraging the work of young economists, seven of the most promising graduating doctoral students in economics and finance in the world are selected to present their research to audiences in Europe. The meetings take place at the economics departments or institutes of three or four of major universities across Europe. Standard seminar presentations are given over two days to audiences invited by the local hosts and which include members of the journal’s editorial board.

Speakers 2014

Isaiah Andrews, MIT
Luigi Bocola, University of Pennsylvania
Maryam Farboodi, University of Chicago
Thibaut Lamadon, UCL
Christopher Nielson, Yale
Gautam Rao, Berkeley
Stefanie Stantcheva, MIT

The 26th May Meetings were held at:

May 12-13 University of Cambridge
Organizers: Aytek Erdil and Vasco Carvalho

May 15-16 INSEAD
Organizer: Maria Guadalupe

May 19-20 Collegio Carlo Alberto
Organizer: Cristian Bartolucci, Pietro Garibaldi and Ignacio Monzón

A list of previous participants in the May Meetings is available as a PDF

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